Why did you choose your undergraduate course? 

I knew I wanted to do something in healthcare sciences. I was really interested in drug development and how to make people better and so chose to study the Master of Pharmacy.

Describe your experience of studying at Ulster in three words

Friendly, innovative and interesting.

How do you think studying at Ulster has prepared you for your future career? 

It has really good placement opportunities, which lecturers are fully supportive of and there is a lot of linking class to practice. I went on a hospital placement which was really good and I felt I learnt a lot from it. I also found the course to be very focused on patients, which I think is really important, and they prepare you for that from day one.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone considering applying to Ulster? 

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Would you recommend studying at Ulster and why?

I would recommend Ulster, and I’d specifically recommend Pharmacy because I absolutely love it! The campus is a really nice environment, and everyone gets on so well. The North Coast in such an amazing place to live and there’s always so much to do around here.