BEng (HONS) Computer Games Development

Why did you choose to study Computer Games Development at Ulster University?

The modules that Ulster University offered for games development were very code based and contained a lot of practical work which I prefer greatly to theory.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

The lecturers I have for my games development modules are the most sound lecturers I’ve ever had. It’s great to see they share such an interest in what they do and our classes love to sit and talk about games.

Tell us a bit about any work experience you may have undertaken.

I studied for a year at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan. Living away from everything from a year really made me grow up a lot, I lived away from home usually for university but it’s a lot different being on the other side of the world compared to a couple hours train journey. I’d never been to Asia before so the whole year was a crazy experience and I would definitely recommend anyone to look into studying abroad as it has broadened my horizons by a massive amount.

What other opportunities did studying at Ulster University bring you?

I am class representative and I am working towards the edge award.

How did you find the support of the staff during your time here?

It’s great that I can work at any time I want to in the labs as I like to get things done late at night. All my lecturers have always been helpful, if I’ve ever needed it.

What piece of advice would you give a new student starting this course?

Actually go through the recommended reading that is given to you. I’m only starting to do it now and I wish I did it a lot sooner. Also, make sure to ace first year!  When applying for placement for second year that’s basically all employers/overseas universities will have to look at, so your grades have to look good.

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